There was a time when there were no woman physicians available. The females would have to suffer a bad fate if they suffer from ailments that require physical examination. The doctors were not able to make proper diagnosis about the issues that inflicts their patients and the chances of getting a correct a treatment would reduce a lot. These days, with the help of medical technology and increase in the number of female doctors the women enjoy a greater health recovery percentage than ever before.  Even something as small as a dental problem is better treated in the presence of a female dentist, as far as the women are concerned. The best dentist in Abu Dhabi offers the option of female doctors to the patients who are more comfortable with it.

The Weaker Gender

It is true that intelligence has nothing to do with gender. However, the female body is designed in manner that is weaker physically. On the other hand, there are frequent hormonal changes in the body of a female that can affect their logical thinking and make them more emotional. Every gender has their privileges and there are many perks to being women that are denied from the male kind. One of these privileges is the power to create a life. Only woman are given the ability to generate a child and other than sea horses among all creatures the females are the ones who nurtures their offspring. The female body is also subjected to things like fat shaming and old age. The mass media presents the image of a woman that is unnatural which puts that average female under a lot of pressure. Even when a reasonable person is able to shun these conventional stereotypes their mind is still bombarded with the same demanding mold that is presented to them time and again through media.


When women become pregnant her body goes under a lot of changes. Many women are not able to contain their cravings and they gain a lot of weight. It is important to locate a decent gynecologist in Abu Dhabi and take a proper diet plan from them. The focus is not about remaining slim or not eating freely. The main objective is to eat healthy and maintain a healthy diet to ensure that the well-being of mother and child is ensured.