Different delivery options available for women

Assisted delivery:

This is a common type of delivery procedure and in this method there is assistance is needed from the professionals but it will be used when the delivery is not very complicated. There will be the use of help of medical help and it will be through the medical assistance and there are a few different procedures to follow the assisted delivery.

Induced labor:

There are a lot of situations where the induction in the delivery is necessary and people have to get some kind of synthetic drug and for that it is necessary that you have to ask about it in the start when you need to know about the delivery packages in Dubai and then you have to think about taking the right decision about it. There are a lot of problems in women which will be the reason of the induced labor and these problems will include the diabetes, Blood pressure problem, small baby and over-due delivery date.

Forceps delivery:

There is another delivery kind which is called as the forceps delivery and to know about that you have to look over here. In this kind of delivery there will be the need of two large spoons and doctor will take help from these as they insert in to the vagina and then assist the baby to come out of that when there is no force in the mother. Doctors will use that to help the kid through their head and then they will take the head out with the help of these spoons.

Vacuum used:

There is another kind of delivery which is a form of assisted one and in this delivery they will use a kind of small vacuum pump and push that inside the vagina to take the head of the baby out. When the pump will be set inside then it will create a vacuum inside that and then it will assist the kid’s head to get stuck to the pump and after that the pump will be pulled out of the body and baby will get a safe delivery.

Cesarean section:

This is a procedure also called as the C-section and in this there is a need of complete assistance of the delivery procedure and it is there when the vaginal delivery is not possible due to different health complications.