Tiles will be present in every house whether in the bathrooms or in the kitchen and some people will even have them in the lounge and porch too. You can get them from any tiles shop in Dubai because there are many of them and you can go to any of them. In order to get the other things related to the bathroom you have to go to the sanitary ware shops in Dubai. After getting tiles on the walls and on the floors then they will need proper maintenance and care after that and you cannot just leave them as they are because in this way you will get some ugly look of your tiles after some time. Here is the care routine of your tiles to keep them clean:

There are some kinds of tiles which need regular cleaning and they will include the glazed tiles. If you do not clean them regularly then you will get some stain on them which will be quite visible and if you try to scrape them of after some time then you will also the shine of those tiles. You have to be careful about it as most of the tiles have shine on then.

You need to clean them with a good cleaner and make sure that you are getting the cleaner according to the type of your tiles. Different tiles need different care and when you are applying a certain kind of tile then you first need to ask about the care instructions and then see whether you can care according to that on regular basis or not. If that cleaning routine is difficult for you to follow then you can choose any other kind of tile because there are many options available in each kind.

There are some unglazed tiles too which are not very common but some people will like to have them in their house. If you are one of them then you need to see that these kinds of tiles should be cleaned with the concentrated tile cleaners but with neutral pH because if you get them very strong then they will leave marks on your tiles and you will lose the matte finish of them. You need to use the cleaners for removing the spots of grease and spills or water droplets from tiles.