We all know that lifting equipment is an essential part of every construction. You cannot build a whole structure without using such type of heavy machinery. But usage of such equipment brings huge risk of injury as well. You might have came across several news that thousands of workers got injured due to the sudden collapse of a lifting equipment. But you cannot afford any such type of incidents because obviously it is a matter of your reputation and most importantly your workers’ life as well.

This is why lifting gear inspection holds great importance and it is necessary to hire a professional person for this purpose who could evaluate the functionality of such equipment thoroughly and fix all issues if needed. This is not only important for ensuring the working safety but in fact it is also very essential to meet the laws as well, otherwise any sudden incident could lead you to great legal complications. Apart from safety, maintenance of quality is also very essential, this is why ISO QMS 9001 2015 has set certain standards which have to be followed by every company if they truly want to preserve the quality of their services. Following are some essential things which you must know about lifting gear inspection.

Inspect before operation

Most of you might be having a misconception that lifting gear inspection is all about checking the functionality after starting an operation. But the fact is that lifting gear inspection is very essential even before you start your operation. This is so, because most of the lifting gear equipment are assembled right away on the exact location so it is quite essential that a professional inspector evaluate the assembly thoroughly to check that whether all the parts are fixed accurately or not.

Inspect during operation

Once you have ensured that all your lifting equipment are accurately fixed and are ready to be used, then you can easily start the process but make sure that you have hired an expert who know that how to operate a lifting equipment in order to keep its functionality intact. If we specifically talk about construction then we all know that it is not a matter of a day or two. In fact it will take several weeks to months so in this entire duration, frequent inspection is required on daily basis in order to ensure the overall safety of the working place.