With so many benefits to get from drones there will also some responsibilities on the users too so that the drones will become dangerous for anyone using or around the usage area. You will get to know about these precautions from a drone company in Dubai and from the factory where you will see the process of using a drone for construction and assembling of it. There are a lot of restrictions to know about and some of them are here below:

Registration: Normally there is no need to register a drone when you get that or when you are using one but if the drone is weigh more than .55 pound and less than 55 pounds then you need to register that to the concerned authority and there will be a proper license which you will get after registering. You have to renew that license after every three year if you hold the same drone for that time period otherwise you have to register again with the specifications of the new drone.

Preflight: There is a need to have a preflight before the drone will go to the actual and bigger flight and this is the responsibility of the drone owner or user to do that because it is for the safety of their drone and of other people who will be under the drone throughout its flight. This should be done with the proper inspection that everything is in great condition and then fly that to a certain height within a certain area to know it is flying well.

Height and speed: There is a great restriction that the drones should not go above the height of 400 feet because it may lose the control from the main remote and the auto pilot will not work properly due to the change in the air pressure. You have to be very careful in that even if your drone works perfectly fine above that height, you should not take the risk otherwise you never know when your drone will be crashed and you will lose a lot of amount. While flying the drone you should not fly that beyond the speed of 100 meter per hour because it is illegal to do that and if caught doing it then you will be punished or your drone will be taken from you to pay fine.