When it comes to choosing a professional recording studio for a song recording, gigs, or voice-over recording, there are lots of things you have to consider before making the right choice. Over time audio production in Dubai is getting popular, and plenty of recording studios are providing their services. However, how to find a reliable and good recording studio, here are the following tips that help you regarding this matter.

Look for a quality recording engineer:

One of the most important things that you should look for while searching for a studio is to consider a quality recording engineer. Every recording engineer has his/her style of working, which creates an impact on your recording project. Therefore, it is essential to find an engineer that can fulfill your requirement effectively, and you feel comfortable to work with them. Ask your colleagues if they have worked with a good recording engineer in recent days, find out how did they feel working with a said engineer?

Facilities they provide:

Facilities are not all about control room or recording space; it is about the environment they provide to their customers. Here are a few things you should consider about choosing a recording studio:

  • Does the recording studio is located in the middle of the city?
  • Do they have beautiful surroundings, where you can enjoy your spare time?
  • Is there drink & snack shops near the recording studio, where you can eat and drink comfortably?

Remember, you may have to stay in the recording studio for many days, so you need a place where you can relax during sessions.

Look for equipment:

For getting better results, it is a good idea to consider high-quality recording gear. Many recording studios place the list of stuff on their websites. If you are not aware of the quality of recording equipment, you may learn about them on Goggle in detail. But having advanced recording tools and equipment does not mean that they can provide you result as per your requirements.


When it comes to choosing a recording studio, the cost is crucial to consider as there various payment methods. Most studios charge hourly and others for the entire project. If you have a small project, then it’s better to consider the first option, but if you have a long project, go for the second option.

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