Have you seen that device at a supermarket counter that directs laser light onto the bar codes of the products bought? Do you know which technology is that? That is a scanner with a holographic lens system.

What is holography?

Holography is a photographic approach that records the light scattered from an object, and presents it in a three-dimensional appearance. Holography is also known as lensless photography.

Holograms can be of two main types, transmission holograms, which allow light to be shined through them and the image to be viewed from the side; and rainbow or reflection holograms, which are used for security purposes, as on credit cards and driver’s licenses.

How holograms are used?

  • Holograms are used on credit cards, drivers’ licenses, and other identification cards as to prevent forgery as the holographic sticker differentiates them from one another.
  • They are used in medical records, for procedures such as a CAT scan, providing a detailed layout of a patient.
  • Bar codes on items such as food and home appliances are holograms too, which prevents stealing of these items as each product’s bar code is unique.
  • Holograms are also used to help test different materials used in construction. This helps in finding how well something will hold so much weight, without actually having to build the object out of the real materials.
  • Holographic stickers and labels are used to protect products from counterfeiting. The code embossed on them proves the authenticity of the product.
  • For product manufacturers to protect their products from getting imitated and duplicated, holograms are been used in every small and big products.
  • Holograms are used on CD’s and DVD’s, medicines, computer equipment and peripherals, food stuffs, water bottles, dictionaries, etc. It holds an image that can be read by an optical scanner.

Use of holograms in daily life is expanding day-by-day and expected to escalate in future. There are numerous hologram suppliers in Dubai and across UAE that are well-known for introducing holograms, AR, VR, and artificial intelligence in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. However, choosing the right one for your field is a crucial decision.