History of Audi

Cars have a long history and this history is very interesting, seeing how a small car could adjust so many people and comparing with the cars of today. Imaging a car without all the latest tech is hard to even think of. Though there are some car brands that don’t have the latest tech but there have all the latest engines and intercoolers and things like that. We have an Audi and it is a very fast and colossal car. While we were at the Audi service in Dubai, it ticked us to think that how has Audi made such name and fame. That is why we felt compelled in digging up some info about the history of Audi and it is very much unique as compared to different brands, see it here to learn about it.

1885 to 1899: Audi was launched in 1885 but before Audi, a company named Wanderer Company was more famous than this but due to some reasons, the company merged with Audi. In 1899, a man named August Horch made a company and named it A. Horch & Cie and this was the beginning of Audi. The company was founded in Ehrenfeld in Cologne.

1902 to 1909: the company had to move to Reichenbach which was in 1902 and within two years, Horch made a joint stock company and named it August Horch & Cie Motorwagenwerke AG in Zwickau. And, in 1909, Horch made another company and it was named as August Horch Automobile GmbH.

1910 to 1914: the working partners with Horch sued him for infringement of trademark and he was forced to remove his name Horch from the company name. Then he met with his friends from Zwickau and, in 1910, Horch made a new company and named it Audiwerke GmbH. In the same year, Horch launched a car naming Audi Type A and it became famous across the world and the same car won a car race at the International Austrian Alpine Run and the trophy was given to the drivers in 1914 and this was the beginning of another company with huge success. 1915 to 1940: in these years, Audi launched the cars with 5720cc, 4680cc, and 3564cc models and Audi was the first company to launch a left-hand driven car.