Marketing is important department of every business, without marketing you can never imagine to grow your business. As a restaurant owner, you must know different strategies to do marketing of your restaurant. Marketing your restaurant can be sometimes tricky to digital world when competition is high. You can easily find Indian fine dining restaurant in Dubai, as they have become famous there due to their marketing strategies. Some restaurants also offer corporate events Dubai as it also works as marketing strategy for them. In this article, we have enlisted creative restaurant marketing ideas that will bring more customers to your restaurant.

Create social media challenges: Everyone loves winning free stuff or giveaways as people get free stuff and restaurants can use it as marketing strategy. You can try a giveaway contest on social media where you can offer free meal to winner. And in return you can ask to be followed by more persons. it will increase your followers and customers as well. if the winner has never tried your restaurant then it will be best for you.

Use hash tags on social media: Hash tags are great tool to do marketing of your business. But for this, you must know how keywords work and you will have to use trending keywords. These can be used to increase engagement and get customers walking in your doors. Building awareness for your brand is one of the key factors to get more customers.

Focus on local SEO: Local SEO of restaurant is important, if you have website then you will have to do SEO to rank it. Your goal must be to rank your website in top three spots so that you may get more traffic.

E-mail marketing for restaurants: If you want to do marketing of your restaurants among companies then you can use E-mail marketing strategy. You will need to build your list first and you can also use a landing page to collect email ids of customers. You can also collect E-mails by your customers in your restaurant. But you should make sure that every E-mail is not about selling your stuff, you can also provide quality content to your customers.

Work with influencers: Working with influencers is a great way to do marketing of your restaurant. Influencers are the people who already have a huge list of followers and they always listen to influencers. You can do paid partnership with influencers and in return they will promote your restaurant.