A Place Where Beer Is Made

First, let’s start with why.


Why does Full Spectrum Brewing exist? Why are we here?


Clearly we have a passion for beer, as well as the art of crafting our brews. But plenty of people are beer crazy, so that doesn’t really explain our mission.

Our goal is to make craft beer accessible to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you love Bud Light, Guinness, Fat Tire, or Hop Drop ‘n Roll, we’ve got a beer that you’ll like. We’re looking to spread our passion for craft beer throughout Fort Mill and South Carolina by making high quality, approachable beers right here at home.


To help everyone understand what we’re all about, we’ve come up with a list of 5 things you should understand about your local brewery:

1) We are a brewery

Let’s start with the obvious: we are a brewery, not a bar. If our mission is to make craft beer accessible to everyone, our tap room serves to expose our friends and neighbors to all the different styles we have to offer. We want you to come see us, ask questions about our beers, meet our staff, and bring your friends and family with you. Then, we want you to go out and support us by ordering our beer at your favorite local watering hole.

But we are not a bar. We don’t stay open past 9:00. We are not the place to go to raise hell on a Friday nights or to drink your sorrows away on Sundays. We don’t serve liquor, we don’t serve wine, and we don’t serve cider.

Don’t get us wrong- we fully support all of these endeavours. That’s just not what we do. We make beer. Really good beer. And we’re happy sticking to that.

2) We don’t serve food

This one is simple for us- we’d rather do one thing well than a bunch of things half-assed. Our passion and energy is poured into producing the highest quality beer we possibly can. We don’t have the time, expertise, or desire to become culinary masters as well. We’d rather call up some crazy food truck genius and have them serve up plates of deliciousness than screw up your plain hamburger. We’ll let them do what they do best (make awesome food) and we’ll stick to what we do best (make awesome beer). If “in house” food is a must for you, we’d recommend looking for a good local brewpub, not a brewery.

3) We are family friendly

The fact that we are kid friendly has been received with surprisingly mixed reactions. Perhaps it’s the misconception that we are a bar instead of a brewery. Perhaps some people just really don’t like kids. Whatever the reason, rest assured that we aren’t listening to those people. You are more than welcome to bring your kids, no matter how old they are.

Part of making craft beer accessible to everyone includes making beer accessible to parents. Just because you’ve got a couple of munchkins running around doesn’t mean you should have to miss out on trying some tasty craft brews. From young professionals to married with children to retired and carefree, we want everyone to feel comfortable and at home in our tap room.

And yes, pets count as family. We welcome all of our furry friends inside and outside the brewery. Please bring a leash and baggie just in case.

4) All experience levels welcome

We don’t care if you’re a craft beer novice or expert, we’re here to take care of you. If you’d like to know about our grain bills, hop schedules, or yeast strains, we’re happy to talk your ear off about beer-nerd subjects. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, we’re happy to explain the basics to you and answer any questions you might have about the brewing process.

Some people can be leary of trying new craft beers after burning their tastebuds off with an overly bitter IPA. Some people are scared of a dark, malty brew for fear of it being too heavy or chewy. Some people have no clue what an “IPA” is  or what “malty” means.

These are exactly the type of people we like to see in the tap room. We’re here to help teach you about what makes beers bitter, sweet, sour, or delicious. Craft beer should be for the people, not just for the beer connoisseur aristocracy.

5) We need your support

We strive to produce high quality craft brew right here at home. We’re proud to be from Fort Mill and we’re proud to do business here in Fort Mill. Our goal is to make beers that all of Fort Mill can be proud to call their own.

We love to see each and every friend and neighbor in the tap room. We take pride in supporting our local bars and restaurants. And we deeply appreciate each time someone orders a Full Spectrum beer.

If you see us on tap, we hope you give us a shot to support your hometown microbrewery… But we hope you order a second because the first one was so incredible.

Charles BergmanComment